Penny moves to start her own family!

In 2016 we decided that our rescued porcupine, Penny, needed some spiky company of her own kind. Although we loved her to bits, we want the best for our animals. The place she had here with us just was not what our hearts wanted for her – she deserved better. So after searching for a while, we found her a new home, which included a much better and bigger enclosure and a boyfriend (Spike)… In October 2016, after a teary farewell, we tackled the long road to Bloemfontein with Penny in the back. She immediately made herself at home, started bossing the male around and after a few months we received the news that she and Spike had made baby pennies! They are now a very happy family of 4! You can go visit Penny and her new family at Zanchieta Wild Cats Farm in Bloemfontein. DCP and Zanchieta have worked together in the past in exchanging cheetahs and other wild cats in our mutual mission to strengthen their gene pool.

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