Lions: Chuck and Norris

Chuck and Norris Lions

In June 2012 two lion cubs,  only a few weeks old, were brought to the Daniell Cheetah Project. DCP was  asked if they could raise the cubs for the breeders, as they had more expertise  to do so. The DCP was previously working in conjunction  with the breeders to support the education of local and tourist populations  about lions and would raise the cubs to a specified age.

In  July 2012, Racquel Mong, a volunteer at the DCP, was asked to name the two cubs  to which she came up with Chuck and Norris. It was later discovered  that the breeder’s intent was to eventually sell Chuck and  Norris into the South African canned hunting business.

In  other words, after DCP helped raise the cubs and conservational awareness, they  would have to be returned to a future of being sold and killed on a canned  hunting farm.

NOTE: The DCP was not previously aware that the cubs they were  helping to raise were destined to this future and in NO WAY supports the canned  hunting business.

The DCP searched for a  way to save Chuck and Norris from having to be returned to this breeder. At  that time Racquel Mong was forming a sponsoring relationship with DCP.

The  DCP, with the financial support of Racquel, decided to keep the lions and give  them a permanent home at the DCP farm in Kirkwood, Eastern Cape, South Africa.  Racquel sponsored both the lion cubs (their purchase from the breeders) and the  purchase of materials and labor for their enclosure at the DCP. This is  actually how the Symba Wildlife Conservation came into being and this is why  the only campaign being supported at this time is the “Save Chuck Norris Lion  Cubs Campaign.” (SCNLCC)

DCP would just like to thank  Racquel Mong from Symba  Wildlife conservation for purchasing the cubs and their enclosure that was  funded.

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