Leopards: Vega and Una

Leopard Daniell Cheetah Project

Our African leopards are here because they are a Vulnerable species, which means that their numbers are much lower than they should be.

Una is our female who was born on the 3rd November 2020, and Vega is our male who was born on the 19th December 2020.

We hope to breed these two beautiful animals in hopes to make a difference to the declining leopard population.

The leopard can adapt to almost any type of habitat that provides it with food and cover. It is known as the animal with the largest range in the world, with it being the only large predator that can be found in the rain forests.

Leopards are generally more solitary cats. However, Una and Vega grew up together and cannot stand being separated from one another! Especially Vega, who is extremely attached to his girlfriend and won’t allow anything to happen to her.

Leopards are the second strongest cat in the world; they are capable of killing prey twice their own body weight as well as leaping up to 2 – 3 meters into trees, while carrying this weight.



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