DCP Says Final Farewells

A lot of exciting things have been happening at DCP in the last few years. Unfortunately, life is not just about making new friends, but also saying farewell to old loved ones. It breaks our hearts to inform our guests that the follow DCP members have moved on to the next life:
  • In March 2015 we received a hard blow when we lost Ishlosi and for a while it felt as if time stood still. Ishlosi was the brother of our cheetah female, Zintle. A lot of guests would remember them from the Cheetah Walks they loved to go on. After her brother pasted away, Zintle went in mourning, but luckily she was not alone and together cheetah and humans helped each other heal the gap left by Ishlosi.
  • A legend lost, but never forgotten. On Wednesday the 6th of April 2016, we said good bye to a legend. Ola, you made people believe in the magic of nature. Everyone that met you could not help but fall inlove with you. We lost you due to kidney failure (a genetic defect of the cheetahs), you were a part of our mission to help diverse and purify the Acinonyx jubatus genepool and instead you fell prey to it. We will never forget you, our love. Your death will intensify the pursuit of our mission; however, the hole you left behind can never be filled.
  • Our two bottle-raised kudus, stole the hearts of many. Flip and Filla brought smiles to our guests as they licked food from their hands. Locals would make a special stop, just to say hallo and to give them a nice treat. In November 2016, Flip and Filla mysteriously past away (about an hour apart)… Their faces are still sorely missed and we can only hope that they are in a better place now.
  • Thandi was not one of our well-known cheetahs, but that does not make the hole she left at our project any smaller. At the end of February 2017, we lost her due to implications while being under anesthesia, she was showing signs of being sick and we needed blood samples to do the required tests. She was one of our mother-raised cheetahs, and preferred staying far away from the buzz of the daily activities of the project. Some of our volunteers might remember Thandi for her special smile.

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