Serval Kitten 2

New Arrivals

Daniell Cheetah Project also has very exciting

news about new arrivals.  One of our serval females Gypsy, has given birth to a single kitten on the 3rd of November.  She has since doubled in size and is boisterous bundle of joy.  Our second surprise came in the late afternoon on the 5th of November.  Lea our female caracal gave birth to two little kittens, a male and female and needless to say both Lea and male Leo (ambassador caracal from Wild Cats World) are proud parents.  Even though Lea was hand reared her motherly instincts come naturally and she took to the roll of caring for these kittens as nature intended.  She does however allow the handling of these kittens by the staff she knows best.  As she is tame and loving the attention herself it seems like she has accepted the staff as her babysitters.


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