Daniell Cheetah Old Bridge

DCP Upgraded

In addition to all the new arrivals, we also upgraded some of the enclosures.  Wild Cats World have rebuilt the bottom cheetah enclosures and completed the African Wild Cat enclosure for their ambassadors Sid and Louise.

Some will remember our bridge as old and unstable. We are glad to let you know that this too has been upgraded and we have beautiful new and steady bridge.  Although this is some old news from the previous year, we are quite happy with outcome.  Even some of our return visitors are happy to be on a new and firm bridge and this all a big thanks to Symba Wildlife Conservation that gave us the opportunity to rebuild the bridge and all the cheetah enclosures at the top part of the project.

As all of our animals are important to us we have installed cameras into the cheetah’s night houses, which enable us to monitor them 25 hours of the day.  This is also a key part when monitoring a female with cubs.  On occasions it has enabled us to witness the actual birth of the cubs.


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