African Wild Cats

African Wild Cats Daniell Cheetah Project

The African Wildcat is commonly confused with the normal domestic cats. This is because the African Wild Cat is the original ancestor of the domestic cat; from when they were first domesticated nearly 10 000 years ago.

However, the African Wild Cat now faces a problem where they would often breed with the domestic cats. Thus, creating interspecific hybrids.

These cats are here, at DCP, in hopes for them to breed so that we could help purify that genetic line and create more pure African Wild Cats.


My name is Lucy, and I am 3 years old. I am a very unique African Wild Cat, as I am more grey in colour. Usually, African Wild Cats are a sandy-brown colour with orange ears, and black-brown stripes. Whereas I am mostly grey all over. I have been DNA tested, and it has been proven that I am a pure African Wild Cat; I am just a little bit unique! I have bred, and have a son, Ozzy.


My name is Ozzy, and I am only 1 year old. I was born here at DCP by my mom, Lucy. Unfortunately, my dad had passed away from Feline Leukaemia shortly after I was born, so I only had my mom growing up. Now, I am a healthy adult and I live with my girlfriend, Layla.


My name is Layla, and I am 1 year old. I was born at another facility and was brought to DCP in hopes to breed to help purify the genetic line. I live with my boyfriend, Ozzy, and as I am still very young, I hope to still have lots of kittens. I, unfortunately only have 3 legs due to an accident that occurred inside my enclosure. This accident was so serious that the vets could not save my leg, and they had to amputate it. However, I do not let my disability affect me at all! I am still just as playful and loving, and I always love a good cuddle from the kind people who take care of me.