The gorgeous young male serval in the middle is Diesel. He was born on March 11th, 2012 at the Daniell Cheetah Project. The serval population is  under threat, like all wild cats species, so we will also dedicate ourselves to serval conservation, in addition to  cheetah, leopard and black-footed cats conservation.

When Joy I came to us she was a 3 month old female serval, born at Zanchieta/Wildcat Farm, Bloemfontein. Raised by mommy Juli but, like in the wild, she needed to be kept away from her huge dad Jabula. Joy was born 20/03/2012 and was meant to be part of our Spotted Cats Conservation Project in SA/Eastern Cape. Joy was the new Wild Cats World ambassador serval and partner of the lovely male Diesel, born at Daniell Cheetah Project. A huge, brand new enclosure was built for the two, kindly sponsored by Wild Cats World.

Joy I was a very wild serval though, who made clear to us that she didn’t like to be in captivity and she didn’t want her new male friend Diesel around. She escaped a few times at the Zanchieta Wildcat Farm before she got to us, and she kept on trying at our place too. A decision had to be made. We want the cats at our project to be happy and not stressed and wild like Joy was at this moment.

A good thing about the smaller wild cats like serval and caracal is that you can easily re-wild them again and release them back into the wild. Joy was already wild enough, she wasn’t impressed by humans and showed she could easily get a bird to be able to survive. We hope she will have a great life where she want to be: FREE! She can easily stick around the farm, but so far we haven’t seen her again.

So then Joy II (pictured below) came in. Not a tame serval either, but much more relaxed and social than Joy I was. Most important Diesel loves his new girlfriend and that feeling is mutual. Even though Joy can be still shy at busy times, she is often outside playing  with Diesel now and we hope they have a great future together.

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