Daniell Cheetah Hyenas

Hyena Road Trip!

Thanks to everyone who donated so generously, we were able to build our Hyena Enclosure and are now able to take in two hyena kids – a boy and a girl. Today, Maxie and the team are bringing them to their new home from Bloemfontein. Finally our journey with the hyenas are almost completed.     […]

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The enclosure so far

Hyena Update: Enclosure Being Built

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to our new Hyena enclosure which we are continuing to build in memory of Shenzi, Benzi and Ed. We hope that it will provide a safe home for future Hyeans. We are making good progress but there is still work to do. **Please Donate Here** As of now: All […]

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Daniell Cheetah Project Hyena

Hyena Update: Sad News

We would like to thank all of our generous sponsors who have contributed to the building of an enclosure for Shenzi, Benzi and Ed the hyenas. Unfortunately, we have to share some terrible news in their story. Hyenas Escaped and Recaptured About three weeks ago one of the hyenas managed to escape from its enclosure […]

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Daniell Cheetah Project Hyenas

Please Help the DCP to Save Three Beautiful Hyenas

Please Donate Three Beautiful Spotted Hyenas are about to be “Got Rid Of” A project similar to ours has been sold. The new owner doesn’t want Shenzi, Banzi and Ed the Hyenas and is planning to “get rid of them”. Daniell Cheetah Project has a Plan to Save Them We want to give the Hyenas […]

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Letter Back

Zintle Given the Dummy!

We got a loveley letter from Alfons in Sweden who said to us: “My name is Alfons and I am 3 years old. I just stopped using pacifiers and now I want to give them to my favourite animals, the cheetahs!. I hope they will enjoy! Love Alfons” Our cheetah, Zintle, was very excited to […]

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Meisikind the Cheetah

Farewell to Meisiekind

We are sad to say that we have lost a dear friend at the project the beautiful cheetah female, Meisiekind. We want to thank her sponsors for their support during her life at the project.

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Serval Kitten 2

New Arrivals

Daniell Cheetah Project also has very exciting http://www.viagragenericoes24.com/ news about new arrivals.  One of our serval females Gypsy, has given birth to a single kitten on the 3rd of November.  She has since doubled in size and is boisterous bundle of joy.  Our second surprise came in the late afternoon on the 5th of November.  […]

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Beauty and Kitten

Cat Conservation Trust

Through our journey we came into contact with many other projects like us, one of these are Cat Conservation Trust, well known for their breeding success with Black Footed Cats along with African wild Cats.  Due to the success the decision was made to relocate the two Black Footed Cats male Blacky and female Beauty […]

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Daniell Cheetah Chicks

Introducing the Chickens

As it is approaching summer time and temperatures are rising we are seeing a increase in insect activity, especially the pesky fly’s which can cause a great deal of discomfort and health problems for the animals.  To control these pests we have decided to bring in some chickens onto the farm.  These chickens will eat […]

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Chuck the Lion

Lions Chuck and Norris

We all remember them as innocent and fluffy, now two and a half years old our two male lions Chuck and Norris, have matured into strong and majestic teenage boys.  In conjunction with Daniell Cheetah Project they have embarked on a meaningful journey to create awareness agents Canned Lion Hunting.  As there is a growing […]

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