Felix was born November 7th 2011 in Hoopstad. He was one of two cubs of a spotted mother and a black father. Unfortunately he couldn’t be raised by his mother, and as it took a long time to find a new home for him, he was moved to a wildcat farm in Johannesburg, where he lived and played with tigercubs. We already had his sister Feline as a first ambassador leopard for the Wild Cats World project, and we were looking for a leopardfriend of the same age, so we decided to reunite the brother and sister. It was a very emotional moment when they were firstly introduced to each other and Felix embraces his little sister who arrived at Zanchieta Wildcat Farm, Bloemfontein to stay with him there until their permanent home was finished.

Feline and Felix were very fond of each other from the start. They slept together, played together, cuddled…but were real leopard when it was eating time, so then they had to be seperated. Unfortunately Feline bit him too hard in the tail while playing, so now Felix is missing half of this tail, but still good friends.

It took quite a long time to get the necessary permits in the Eastern Cape to start the leopard project, and the new partnership with Daniell Cheetah Project in Spotted Cats Conservation, so it was only June 12th 2012 when the two leopards could finally be moved to their final home: a huge place where they enjoy themselves tremendously with their natural surroundings: rock piles, treestumps, waterpool, and lots of space to run and play! Felix and Feline are the first ambassador leopards of the Wild Cats World project until two new, unrelated, leopards will be introduced to make couples with the two when they reach sexual maturity.

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